New Construction Home Purchase

The idea of picking everything out and having it built for you by someone else sounds... dreamy + relaxing.

The allure of a new home is hard to pass up. I personally am feeling the urge to buy new for our second home. We bought a fixer and it has been so much more expensive and time-consuming than we thought - so rewarding and totally worth it, but still. The idea of picking everything out and having it built for you by someone else sounds dreamy + relaxing.

But whether you buy resale or new construction, it is still a Real Estate Transaction (one of the largest purchases most people make in their lifetime) and they are complex and confusing. You should always be represented by a Realtor® in a Real Estate Transaction. A new home sale isn’t any different and I don’t mean one of the sales reps that you meet at the community when you go to look at the models. I mean a Realtor® from a brokerage not affiliated with the builder.

Here’s why.

1. Representation

You need someone to represent your best interests, not the builders. The sales reps are paid by the builder so who do you think they are looking out for? A Realtor® that represents you and only you, will read over the contract and make sure you understand everything (even the fine print) before signing - and maybe even negotiate you a better deal (Closing Cost Credits + Design Center Credits anyone?).

2. Staying on Time + on Track

Now, this is hard with new construction because no one can predict the weather. But your Realtor® will make sure everything is progressing according to the timeline (to the best of their ability) and make sure all of your requests are being honored and realized. I typically call weekly (depending on where we are in the transaction) just to make sure things are progressing - squeaky wheel!

3. Home Inspection

Now you may be thinking of a home inspection on a new house?! Absolutely, 100% yes. The Builder will have their own inspections, but I highly recommend a 3rd party inspector not affiliated with the Builder. Again, you want to hire people that have your best interests in mind, not the Builders. And the great thing about new construction + inspections is if there is anything wrong, the builder will fix it for free! So why not have it inspected just to be sure? That way the issues are found before you move in and have to deal with them while living there. No one is perfect and no one does perfect work, sometimes things are installed incorrectly or don’t work properly. It doesn’t hurt to check, especially if it will be fixed for free prior to you moving in.

4. Delays, Undelivered Promises... Oh My!

It’s rare for a project to go off without a hitch - building a home is no different. A Realtor® will go to bat for you should there be any issues during the building process. One less thing for you to have to worry about because going toe to toe with Builders is not fun. If something does come up on the inspection, or the timeline gets off track, or promises were made and aren’t being delivered do you want to be on the phone arguing with the builder + getting all stressed out, or would you rather someone else worry about that and handle it for you? You have enough to deal with let someone else take care of the headaches.

5. It Costs You Nothing. Nada. Zip.

Instead of the builder paying their sales rep, they pay us directly. They don’t charge you, the Buyer, more to have representation in the sale (that would mess up their sales numbers for the whole community). You pay the same amount either way and have a personal representative through the entire sale (and after) to do all of the above and more.

This means that if you are considering going to look at new homes (who doesn’t like to walk through the models? The designers are so talented) be sure to let your Realtor® know. A lot of builders are really strict about the “sign-in” process. Essentially, your Realtor® would need to sign you in themselves (whether in person or over the phone) prior to you previewing the community + the model homes. If that doesn’t happen (if you go on your own), the Builder does not allow you to have outside representation - they will make you use their sales reps.

So if you are thinking of new construction, just be sure to keep your Realtor® in the loop so they can represent you in your purchase. There is no reason your best interests should not be represented in a new home purchase.

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